Ring Size In cm

You can easily measure ring size in cm. Use your ruler to measure the diameter of the ring by placing the ruler against the ring. Make sure that the beginning of the ruler is placed on the left side then, read the measurement in cm. Now use the chart below to convert the size from cm to the regular US ring size. 

Ring Size In Cm

Ring Size In Cm

If you don’t have a ring and don’t know how to measure your ring size, you can check ring size conversion chart

You can also use the ring size converter to convert your ring size from cm to mm. Finally, you can download the Printable Ring Sizer to directly measure your ring size. Check below conversion chart for all ring size measurements in cm and always make sure you manually measure your size using the ring size converter to avoid getting a ring that doesn’t fit your finger. 

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In case you are going to buy online, you indeed need to check first the store’s online measurement tool before checking the default one. Every store or brand might have their own measurements so be aware of that. 

If you are going to a physical store, we also recommend the you at the store ask to measure your size in cm. Thats because every shop or brand might have their own measurements. Better safe than sorry!

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Ring Size In Cm

US Ring SizeRing Size Diameter in Cm
41.49 cm
4 1/21.53 cm
51.57 cm
5 1/21.61 cm
61.65 cm
6 1/21.69 cm
71.73 cm
7 1/21.77 cm
81.81 cm
8 1/21.85 cm
91.90 cm
9 1/21.94 cm
101.98 cm
10 1/22.02 cm
112.06 cm
11 1/22.10 cm
122.14 cm

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