71 wedding ring engraving quotes

We all know that wedding rings are the most valuable thing you will ever give to your wife. Adding engraving quotes to your wedding ring will make it more special. In this post, you will find the most intensive and touching quotes to engrave on your wedding ring. 

Note: You will find funny one’s too

Wedding ring engraving quotes:

1- You shall not walk alone

2- My heart will be your shelter

3- Today, we share our lives

4- You have my whole heart

5- We loved 

6- Always & Forever 

7- With all my heart

8- More than you know 

9- To the moon and back 

10- I will always be your strength 

11- In a hundred worlds…  I’d choose you   

12- I’m here

13- I will stay with you

14- You will forever be my always

15- No one but you

16- Soul mates forever 

17- Never to part

18- Always

19- Forever

20- Guard my heart

21- I pick you

22- Every sunset from now on 

23- All mine

24- Put it back on

25- Forever isn’t long enough 

26- My Nemo

27- This is the key

28- I see you 

29- I promise

30- From this moment on

31- Yours forever

32- Property of (nickname) 

33- Non-refundable 

34- From (date) till forever 

35- I choose you

36- My fairy tale

37- we’ll grow old together

38- Us against the world

39- Yours eternally 

40- For the long wait

41- No take backs 

42- legally mine

43- Alarm will sound if removed

44- Put it back

55- Let all the fun begins

56- May the force be with us

57- Happy ever after

58- Forever and ever

59- For you alone

60- You and no other

61- Grow old with me

62- From this day on

63- Forevermore

64- To be continued 

65- Put me back on

66- A perfect fit 

67- I marry you

68- Let the story begin

69- I’ll always be there

70- With all my love

71- My precious one 





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