US to UK Ring Size

You can easily convert US to Uk ring size  by using a ring size conversion chart, it will also help you convert ring size from CM to MM and vice versa as well knowing your exact ring size in different size measures. 

US to UK ring size

US to UK ring size

If you don’t know how to measure your finger size; check Ring Size Conversion Chart to learn how or download our Printable Ring Sizer Tool document to directly measure your ring size. You can also convert your ring size from cm to mm and vice versa using the conversion tool below, also make sure that you order your ring larger than the resulted size as your finger size may change daily so a +1 in size would be better, for example if your US ring size is 6.5 its better if you choose 7 to be on the safe side specially if you are buying the ring online and you won’t have the chance to return it back for a larger size. 

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 US to UK ring size:


Size In MMUS ring size UK ring size
45.43 1/2G
46.74H 1/2
48.04 1/2I 1/2
49.25J 1/2
50.55 1/2K 1/2
51.86L 1/2
53.16 1/2M 1/2
55.67 1/2P
58.28 1/2R
60.79 1/2-
62.010T 1/2
63.310 1/2U 1/2
64.511V 1/2
65.811 1/2W 1/2
68.312 1/2Z

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