9 Steps To Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

There are some steps that you should follow before measuring your Ring Size in order to get accurate results.

1- Measure your finger at the end of the day.

2- Warp the paper around the exact part of your finger where the ring will sit. Check Ring size conversion chart to know how exactly to do it. You can also use a tape measure. 

3- Measure your finger when it is not cold nor hot in order to get the exact ring size.

4- Measure the finger from the hand which you will use the ring;  your finger size can be different in both hands.

5- After measuring your finger size using a piece of paper, try to add from 1-2 mm in order to give a room for the ring to pass. You can convert your finger size from mm to cm and vice versa using our ring size converter.

6- If you are confused between two sizes, choose the large one.

7- Measure your finger size more than one time to get an accurate result.

8- If you are getting to the point where it is hard to take off your ring because it is too tight or it is regularly slipping off; don’t waste your time and resize.

9- Your finger size may differ from brand to brand so you need to measure it each time you buy a ring; nothing stays as it is and so do your size. 

If you already have a ring,  you can download our Printable Ring Sizer document and know your exact US ring size in a single step. You can also convert from US ring size to Uk or any other using our ring size conversion chart.


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